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Image of THE HANDSOME FAMILY 'Wilderness' CD
  • Image of THE HANDSOME FAMILY 'Wilderness' CD

★★★★ UNCUT
★★★★ MOJO
★★★★½ THE SUN

‘Wilderness’ should deservedly scoop the same critical plaudits as previous ‘Family outings, the latest entry into the band’s extensive canon of outstanding work. - Pennyblackmusic

Wild animals, tall tales, and folk-lore from American history populate Wilderness - the 9th studio album from New Mexico's Handsome Family. Recorded at home in Albuquerque and at the Wilco Loft in Chicago it's a record that finds husband & wife duo Brett & Rennie Sparks blending Appalachian holler, psych-rock and Tin Pan Alley inspired melodies to conjure up a world where David Attenborough meets David Lynch in a Honky-Tonk bar at midnight.

1. Flies
2. Frogs
3. Eels
4. Octopus
5. Owls
6. Caterpillars
7. Glow Worm
8. Lizard
9. Woodpecker
10. Gulls
11. Spider
12. Wildebeest