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Image of THE HANDSOME FAMILY "Last Days Of Wonder"

"Last Days Of Wonder is rich in history and nature imagery, yet the couple are equally obsessed with modern life."- Mojo

"An unqualified triumph." - Uncut

"There's such a freshness to Brett Sparks's music that few comparisons can be made." - The Wire

"Songs of weirdness and wonder, set in a half wild, half urban, entirely mysterious place where trees that grow in small squares of dirt hide man-eating boars." - The Guardian

"What's new is the sense of glory that pervades the madness" - Blender

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1. Your Great Journey
2. Tesla's Hotel Room
3. These Golden Jewels
4. After We Shot the Grizzly
5. Flapping Your Broken Wings
6. Beautiful William
7. All the Time in Airports
8. White Lights
9. Bowling Alley Bar
10. Hunter Green
11. Our Blue Sky
12. Somewhere Else to Be