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THE DUKE & THE KING "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

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Image of THE DUKE & THE KING "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

"Exquisite - already one of my favourite albums of the year" - Allan Jones / Uncut

"Songs so perfectly formed they might have been around forever" -
Neil McCormick / The Daily Telegraph

"They have pulled off a quite remarkable feat on Nothing Gold Can Stay - one of my favorite albums of the year. Each song somehow sounding like a classic, each live performance suggesting we are in the presence of a rare, fiery brilliance." - Laura Barton / The Guardian

"Nothing Gold Can Stay already has hovering not sop very far above it the status of a classic" -
Dan Cairns / The Sunday Times

"Haunted but rapturous. Treasure it." - Gavin Martin / The Mirror

"Simply has to be the must-have album of the year so far."
- Maverick Magazine

"A beautiful sound. I've had some great live music on the show over the years but I dont think we've had any better this, that was just beautiful, so so good!" - Robert Elms / BBC Radio London

"Shows the power of music to lift your spirits and make your heart full - absolutely fantastic." -
Johnnie Walker / BBC Radio 2