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JONNY FRITZ 'Dad Country' CD

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Image of JONNY FRITZ 'Dad Country' CD
  • Image of JONNY FRITZ 'Dad Country' CD

New album from the 'artist formerly known as' Jonny Corndawg, featuring Dawes and members of Caitlin Rose's band.

"DAD COUNTRY is all about Jonny Fritz; who looks like being a great discovery. If you like your music with a slightly Gothic flavour but full of actual stories, melodic tunes and a singer with a memorable voice I urge you to buy this album." - No Depression

"Fritz’s sharp lyrics are very different from normal country fare. There’s a darkness that you don’t find too often in country music, and he has a wicked sense of humour that often comes through in his song writing." - Glasswerk

"a preternatural grasp of honky-tonk, bluegrass, traditional, and outlaw country music."
- Consequence of Sound

"a deliciously skewed perspective on life, self-deprecating humor and a gift for going out on a limb to entertain … when he zeroes in on the sort of absurd detail that nobody else would think to write about, he’s unbeatable."
- Relix Magazine

"... filthy, funny, vagrant and harmonious." - Paste Magazine

1. Goodbye Summer
2. All We Do Is Complain
3. Holy Water
4. Social Climbers
5. Ain't It Your Birthday
6. Shut Up
7. Wrong Crowd
8. Have You Ever Wanted To Die
9. Fever Dreams
10. Trash Day
11. Suck In Your Gut
12. Instrumental