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FRANKIE LEE - 'Stillwater' CD

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Catalogue Number - VJCD249

1. Speakeasy
2. Only She Knows
3. Downtown Lights
4. In The Blue
5. (I Don’t Wanna Know) John
6. Blinds
7. One Wild Bird
8. Broken Arrow
9. Ventura

"Lee and his band furnish an atmosphere somewhere between The Band’s “Music From The Big Pink” & Springsteen’s “Nebraska” and the best of the songs here are not outrageously flattered by the comparison”


“The lead single from Frankie Lee’s Stillwater is an ode to actress Jessica Lange, who lived in the titular town during Lee’s youth. With an introductory guitar riff that nods to Neil Young’s “Unknown Legend” and an achingly beautiful chorus, “Downtown Lights” pines for the town’s purer days, before capitalism, condos and the proliferation of tourist shops choked Stillwater of its rough-edged charm.”