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BLANCHE "Little Amber Bottles"

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"If our first album was about life throwing you in a ditch and thinking about why these horribly sad things happen, I guess this one is about pulling yourself out of that ditch", says Dan John Miller of Blanche's second LP Little Amber Bottles.

"pure American Gothic" - The Times

"terrific second album from Detroit's Goth-Country sprites" - UNCUT Americana Album of the Month, June 2007

"it's rock music that takes in country, folk and blues... their songs are examinations of death and survival, and rich in gallows humour"
- Q magazine

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1. I'm Sure of It
2. Last Year's Leaves
3. Year from Now
4. No Matter Where You Go...
5. What This Town Needs
6. Child of the Moon
7. Little Amber Bottles
8. World I Used to Be Afraid Of
9. O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?
10. I Can't Sit Down
11. (Exordium)
12. World's Largest Crucifix
13. Scar Beneath the Skin