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WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR - 'Bleeding On The Soundtrack' CD

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Image of WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR - 'Bleeding On The Soundtrack' CD

Release date: 15 Feb 2019
Catalogue number: VJCD246

Path of the Crow
Thank Me Later
Madness on the Line
The Burden
Bleeding on the Soundtrack
Looking for the Cure
The Curse of Friends
Be So Kind
Sensitive Side
Within Your Spell

“leaving dusty trails and Neil Young solos in their mirror as they dig ever-deeper into collective influences… there are few more heartfelt and soul-baring writers in any medium today” ★★★★

“Family blues recalled with cool fire…. a touch of Jackson C Frank in his croon, and Dylan in his epigrammatic lyrics’ scalpel cuts” 8/10

“this record will leave you firmly in dizzy heights of happiness and looking to the future with positive eyes. An inspired masterpiece in cleansing the soul.”