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Released: 7th December 2018
Catalogue Number: VJCD245

1. Hideous Beast
2. Do No Harm
3. All We Have Left
4. 26 Turns
5. Chasing Rabbits
6. Let The Storm Be Your Pilot
7. Love You Apart
8. Margaret On The Porch
9. Saturday With Jane
10. Two Step
11. I Could Not
12. Share The Load
13. Untethered
14. Trail's End

“a defiant adios from a sometimes underappreciated but often extraordinary talent” 9/10 - UNCUT

The final recordings made by Robert Fisher and his band before his untimely death, brought about by cancer, on February 12th 2017. The recordings were made before he died but the tapes have only recently been dusted down and brought to life with the care and attention of his longtime compadre David Michael Curry. Contributors include Steve Wynn and Chris Brokaw but it’s David Michael Curry alongside Robert Fisher who hold the whole project together. Robert’s death came far too quickly and suddenly, as David relates: “Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands was our last show in 2016. When we returned home, Robert went for a check-up because he said he felt something unusual. He was diagnosed within a month or two of that final tour. He wrote the song Untethered shortly after.”