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TREVOR MOSS & HANNAH-LOU self-titled debut


Image of TREVOR MOSS & HANNAH-LOU <i>self-titled debut</i>

Due to high demand and having seen how much people were paying for copies of this on eBay, we thought we ought to give the people what they so clearly needed - a re-release of the gem that is Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou's self-titled debut.

Produced by Danny George Wilson & Romeo Stodart.
2010 / VJCD189

1. Allotment Song
2. One Wednesday In June
3. England
4. Sally Took The Ivory
5. Concorde
6. Heaven Knows
7. These Are Your Days
8. Ruth Drink My Whisky
9. Standing Down
10. Half Way Home
11. The Lion And The Unicorn
12. Some Dreaming To Do