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TREETOP FLYERS 'The Mountain Moves' CD

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"…effortlessly captures the spirit of late-1960s west coast pop-rock: the Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. British influences can be heard: there are hints of the Faces’ or the Rolling Stones’ swagger in Laurie Sherman’s classic-rock guitar licks, and sublime opener Things Will Change dips into 1980s winsome indie" ★★★★ - The Guardian

"(Treetop Flyers) share with Midlake custody of a brood of Buckingham/Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac licks, likewise the Mac’s mood of unrequited yearning. More, please" ★★★★ - Q

"Watch this band fly far beyond the treetops." ★★★★ - The Sun

"The Mountain Moves is a subdued classic" - The Times

“The album is a thrill, delivering unexpected updates on its vintage influences. More soul than folk and more rock than country, The Mountain Moves is an idyllic debut from a band that has traced its own lively arc through the So-Cal ’70s.” - Paste Magazine

"Treetop Flyers are in it for the long haul." Mojo

"The Mountain Moves reimagines the golden age knowingly but not slavishly...displays the earthy smoothness of the original America line-up." - Uncut

“Debut album ‘The Mountain Moves’ is chock full of lush harmonies, warm arrangements and billowing acoustic guitars as fresh as a breeze looming in from San Francisco harbour” ★★★★ - Clash

"it's surely only a matter of time before mainstream recognition beckons" 7/10 - Press Association

“From start to finish this album is a masterpiece. It is like a well-oiled machine, it works perfectly and flows effortlessly” - Music News

"An album that oozes quality, demands repeated listens, and almost certainly signals the emergence of a major new talent." ★★★★★ - Get Ready To Rock

★★★★ - Rolling Stone Magazine France

“Tuneful late-’60s Laurel Canyon vibe” - Wall Street Journal

1. Things Will Change
2. Houses Are Burning
3. Waiting On You
4. Rose Is In The Yard
5. She’s Gotta Run
6. Haunted House
7. Postcards
8. Making Time
9. Picture Show
10. Storm Will Pass
11. Is It All Worth It