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SONS OF BILL 'Oh God Ma'am' LP + exclusive signed print

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Image of SONS OF BILL 'Oh God Ma'am' LP + exclusive signed print
  • Image of SONS OF BILL 'Oh God Ma'am' LP + exclusive signed print

Release date: 29 June 2018
Catalogue number: VJLP242

Heavyweight vinyl, comes with exclusive limited edition signed print and includes digital download code.

1. Sweeter, Sadder, Farther Away
2. Firebird ‘85
3. Believer / Pretender
4. Easier
5. Where We Stand
1. Good Mourning (They Can’t Break You Now)
2. Before the Fall
3. Green to Blue
4. Old and Gray
5. Signal Fade

“Dynamic and literate... astral Southern rock in the grand tradition of Murmur” 8/10

Oh God Ma’am, the latest LP from central Virginia’s band of brothers, Sons of Bill, is the band’s most coherent artistic statement to date-- subtle, risky, and sonically ambitious. Recorded both in Seattle with west coast indie legend Phil Ek (Shins, Fleet Foxes) and in Nashville with Sean Sullivan (Sturgill Simpson) and mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol) the album shows the Wilson brothers moving beyond the galvanic americana-rock comfort zone of previous efforts, for a more elegant and restrained sound-- a darker, and more complexly layered rock record that manages to be the band’s most emotionally intimate and sonically expansive. Insistent, dancey rhythms and dreamy, hook-filled, pyrotechnics abound, creating a deceptively anthemic mood around songs that are in and of themselves intensely introverted.

Oh God Ma’am is a coming-of-age record for an over-stimulated age-- equal parts post-adolescent anxiety and old-soul humility-- literate, gorgeous, and darkly contemplative.